Episode Number 1Tom Webster on Minimizing Variables

For the first episode of The Work Talk Show, we were honored to be joined by Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Edison Research. In addition conducting quantitative and qualitative research worldwide, Edison is also the sole provider of exit-poll information to all major news outlets. As you can imagine Tom is a busy guy. In our first show, Tom tells us how he works through minimizing variables and maximizing airport time.

Show Notes

This was that hopefully-not-too weird first episode — the pilot! — of The Work Talk Show. This week you got to know a bit about the genesis of the show, some background on hosts DJ Waldow and Nick Westergaard, and of course our inaugural guest. And how great was our first guest, Tom Webster?! Crazy great! Tom inadvertently kicked off the show by giving us that great airport episode we knew was coming at some point in our show's history. He had awesome tips such as reducing travel variables, why he always takes the first flight of the day, the value of a Priority Pass (think: worldwide airport lounge access), and more.

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See you next week!

Enjoyed the first episode y'all! I'll be practicing how I say "research" "thanksgiving" now ;-) Seriously, very strong 1st episode. I listen to a lot of podcasts (at least 6-8 hours/week typically) and this is a great first go at it! Looking forward to more episodes.

BTW, how often are you going to be producing episodes?


Awesome show, guys. I'm gratified to know that @webby is as nervous-ish a flyer as I am. Actually learned a strategic move or two from hearing him here.....


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