Episode Number 45Tim Hayden on Making Work Mobile

With more than 20 years of marketing and business leadership experience, Tim Hayden has been a founding member of new ventures (NION Interactive, GamePlan, 44Doors) and been a catalyst for change in some of the world’s largest brands (Dell, Bacardi, AMD, ExxonMobil, Hilton Worldwide, Kraft Foods, Edelman, and others). Among Tim’s many specialties is an expertise in mobile technology. As you can imagine, this has a big impact on how we get work done today.

Show Notes

Tim Hayden is a self-described "mobile/lifestyle marketing executive, empowering forward progress in the age of mobility. Husband, Dad, Son, & Friend to more humans than robots." If you can't tell by that last part, Tim is also a heck of a nice guy. In addition to advising multiple start-ups, Tim is also writing a book titled The Mobile Commerce Revolution. Throughout this week's show, Tim shared many fascinating mobile stats he's encountered in his research.

After talking about his Texas pride, Tim led us on a discussion about the impact of mobile technology both on how we work and how we live. "Desktop (and television) will go down in history as something that has contributed to more health problems (bad backs, carpel tunnel)," notes Hayden. While mobile has helped, it too comes with "great responsibility". Hayden himself felt the increasing need to look down at his phone instead of spending time with his family. Scott Stratten's TED talk provided an important wake up call.

Leave it to the mobile guy to get us to share the apps we can't work without! Here's the rundown: Tim (Yelp, OnSite, Shoeboxed), DJ (Google Maps, Apple's Mail app, Instagram), and Nick (Apple's Maps app, Harvest, Basecamp). To learn why these apps matter, you'll have to listen to the show.

For shout-outs and shameless plugs, Nick reminded listeners that they can use the code worktalk to get the best price for any of his events such as Social Strategy Boot Camp and this fall's Social Brand Forum, which DJ is speaking at. DJ gave a nod to his new Shed the Lbs group, which Tim is a member of. And Tim, gave a big shout to his upcoming book's peer reviewer (and past Work Talk Show guest) Tom Webster. He also mentioned a couple of events he's speaking at soon including MarketingProfs and Social Fresh West (organized by past guest Jason Keath).

Until next week, see you on the Internet!

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