Episode Number 60Thor Muller & Lane Becker on Partnerships

As co-founders of online customer service community platform Get Satisfaction and co-authors of the New York Times Bestseller Get Lucky, Thor Muller and Lane Becker know a thing or two about working together. While they are both working on “solo projects” currently, this dynamic duo took a moment to sit down and chat with us about how they get stuff done together and apart. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Thor Muller and Lane Becker are a fun couple of guys. We found this out first hand on their recent visit to The Work Talk Show's virtual studios. Just wait until you hear about the "word mullets." Through book authorship and various business ventures including Get Satisfaction, these two have been partners for a long time.

Muller and Becker have even thought about doing a book on great partnerships in history (a book Nick mentioned he would enjoy reading just a few times). The fact of the matter is, professional partnerships are relationships and they require work. For example, take a look at the various versions of the Twitter founders' story.

In the end, a good partnership comes from shared goals and complimentary skills. In their own work history, Thor was great at managing when things were good (which isn't easy) and Lane was great managing in a crisis.

For 3 Apps You Can't Live Without Lane mentioned plain old SMS/iMessage, coffee (the original app!), and Kindle. Thor shared GitHub, Rdio for music, and love (another non-tech app).

For shout outs and shameless plugs, Nick mentioned his upcoming Content Marketing Boot Camp in 2014 (listeners save using promo code worktalk) while DJ focused on the season and plugged his famous, definitive Turducken video. Thor and Lane both gave a nod to Get Lucky as well as the new book Hatching Twitter.

Happy Thanksgiving! Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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