Episode Number 36The Father’s Day Special

This week, on a very special episode of The Work Talk Show, we welcomed some very timely guests – our dads! As it turns out, three fourths of the group was already assembled live in Madison, Wisconsin at Nick’s Social Strategy Boot Camp. A quick Skype call led to our first ever four-guest show. Join us for a very special Father’s Day edition of The Work Talk Show.

Show Notes

Sometimes, in both work and life, things just fall into place nicely. That's what happened this past week leading to this very special and most timely edition of The Work Talk Show.

Fate found Nick in Madison for Brand Driven Digital's Social Strategy Boot Camp. Joining him was his father Dean, a longtime fan of all things Wisconsin (football, baseball, beer, cheese, etc.). On top of that, DJ decided to make a trip to the Midwest to test out an exciting new app he's working on (details to follow soon). With the three of us together and a quick glance at the calendar, it didn't take long for us to realize that we needed to Skype in Warren Waldow for the first ever Father's Day edition of the podcast.

And what a show it was! As it turns out Dean, or "Westergaard Classic" as Ann Handley calls him, was a workshifting pioneer before all the cool kids were doing it. DJ's father, Warren Jay Waldow, Jr. (aka "WW2") may be the world's only pediatric dentist/home designer. As you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about. We even touched on "these kids today".

The result was an engaging conversation about work, life, and the evolving impact of technology on both. In a lot of ways it wasn't all that different than most of our episodes of The Work Talk Show, other than the fact that it had twice as much Waldow and Westergaard.

Happy Father's Day to our dads and all of the fathers listening.

Until next week – when we return to our regularly scheduled programming – see you on the Internet! And get off our lawn!

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