Episode Number 44Summer Vacation Spectacular!

Why are we calling this week’s show the Summer Vacation Spectacular? The reason behind this is simple. It’s summer and we both just took family vacations which, as we all know, can be challenging as you define your own sense of personal and professional blend. We thought we’d take a host-only show and explore this topic with each other. Why spectacular? Because this is the longest show we’ve ever recorded in the history of The Work Talk Show. Enjoy!

Show Notes

A week after Alan Weiss reminded us that real wealth comes from discretionary time, we both took it to heart and took vacations. As we returned, we were eager to share what worked, what didn't, and everything in between.

We spent some time on out-of-the-office (OOTO) email messages with a nod to former guest Chris Brogan's recent OOTO post. We considered whether or not the much-heralded concept of "unplugging" is really possible. We also discussed another off-show exploration of this via a conversation between Fast Company columnist Baratunde Thurston and another recent guest Mitch Joel.

We also took some time to share what Work Talk secrets from our guests we've put into action ourselves. We could laboriously type that out here but what fun would that be? This is an audio podcast! Give it a listen and let us know. And this is no brief discussion either. At over an hour (!) this clocks in as our longest show yet. What do you think of us doing a longer show? We'd love to hear on Twitter using the hashtag #worktalkshow or in the comments below.

For shout outs and shameless plugs, Nick mentioned his vacation book, Dad Is Fat by fellow father of five kids, comedian Jim Gaffigan. He also put in a plug for the book On Writing by Stephen King, as well as a plea for King to be on The Work Talk Show. DJ gave nod to his own plea to have lunch with Ellen DeGeneres via his 90 Days to Ellen project. He also gave a shout to his "Shed the lbs" Weight Loss Challenge.

Until next week, we'll see you on the internet!

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