Episode Number 91Stacia Pierce on Routines & Lists

Stacia Pierce is a success coach, author, and entrepreneur who helps women start and grow businesses through her work at LifeCoach2Women. She’s a woman of faith and mentor to thousands of women around the world. She is also the host of the annual International Women’s Success Conference in Orlando. In 2010 she was a finalist in the OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network My OWN Show contest. We couldn’t wait to talk with her about how she gets it all done.

Show Notes

As an author, coach, and entrepreneur, Dr. Stacia Pierce does a lot of different things. Sometimes at the same time. As such, there is no typical day. To ground this variety with a routine, Stacia starts each day with meditation. This fifteen-minute quiet period helps her start her day on a positive note.

From here, it’s straight to her to-do list. Stacia describes herself as a “chronic to-do list” person. She has a list of the "Fabulous 5" things she needs to get done, however, she gives herself a pat on the back if she gets three done. Five done is a grand slam.

She is supported by a virtual team that includes many family members such as her daughter and cousins. While they meet online via Skype, they also try to meet up in person 4–5 times per year. They also try to pick engaging locations for these retreats like Boca Raton, Las Vegas, and Disney.

What Are the 3 Apps Stacia Can’t Live Without? TripIt, Evernote (she loves their Sticky Note integration), and Expensify.

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