Episode Number 76Simon Salt on Creativity at Work

Simon Salt is CEO of IncSlingers. He is an Author, Keynote Speaker (Digital, Mobile, and Social Marketing), and Digital Strategist. His first book on Social Location Marketing was published by Que publications in February 2011. His second book, The Shorty Guide to Mobile Marketing debuted at #3 on the Amazon bestseller list in its category and has remained in the top ten since. We couldn’t wait to chat about his newest book, Out of Office.

Show Notes

We have a lot in common with Simon Salt. Like the two of us, Simon is a digital marketer by trade. In fact, it was podcasting that first led him to the social side of the web. He started podcasting in 1997 when it was called “webcasting,” an admission he was quick to quip revealed his “geeky past.”

Like us, he also is fascinated by the world of work. Specifically about solving workplace problems through creativity. As he traveled a lot for business, he was often asked, “how he did it.” This led him to write Out of Office. He starts the book with what you shouldn’t do and also advises people to inventory how you spend your time so you can analyze and make adjustments as needed.

People need to exercise the creative parts of their brain. That’s why investing in activities like improv and pottery classes can provide unexpected benefits to performance on the job. Like many of our guests, he also called BS on the concept of work-life balance. “Work-life integration is much more attainable."

What Are the 3 Apps Simon Can’t Live Without? RescueTime, which provides an analysis of what it is you're doing with your time; IFTTT, a tool with many productivity recipes; and FaceTime for communicating with everyone from clients to his girlfriend.

Shout-outs and Shameless Plugs! Nick gave a shout to his upcoming, nationally ranked digital marketing conference, the Social Brand Forum, featuring many past Work Talk Show guests. Get a special rate using promo code worktalk. DJ also gave a shout on the event side of things, by plugging Marketo’s Marketing Nation "Innovation in the Nation" Roadshow Tour (link coming soon!). Simon pointed us toward his book Out of Office via the website outofofficesuccess.com.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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