Episode Number 13Seth Godin on Choices

We are kicking off 2013 with one of the biggest guests in the short history of The Work Talk Show! In this episode we were fortunate enough to be joined by marketing visionary, author, blogger, and entrepreneur Seth Godin. While many are familiar with Godin’s blog, books, and other projects, we wanted to dig deeper and learn how Seth does the work. What followed was an insightful discussion on how one of the new economy’s most prolific producers ships.

Show Notes

How does Seth Godin do it? By making choices. Even before we began the interview, Seth wanted to make it clear that's he's not Superman telling us how to leap tall buildings. Rather, he wanted to share how he works in the hopes that you, our listener, could find some kernel that works for you. From that point on we knew Seth and The Work Talk Show would be a perfect fit.

Godin has been on his own since he left his last self-described "real job" in 1999. As he struck out on his own, he committed to a few simple rules including always being home at 3 PM to be a dad and to make dinner for his family. All of this can be a challenge in our "Always On" economy, however, this to comes back to choices.

Seth's simple secret? "If you obsess about leverage and don't watch television and refuse to go to meetings, it is unbelievable how much you can get done in a day." Seth's made other choices that support his work/life "blend" (remember that concept from WTS guest Mitch Joel?) including not being on Twitter or Facebook or engaging in side activities such as consulting or investing. He even noted that his productivity has been higher after removing the comments from his blog. The result is that his time is highly leveraged and available for work that has the most impact for him.

We can assure you that this podcast had an incredible impact on us. Nick gave a shameless plug to his Social Strategy Boot Camp as well as Archie McPhee who used to sell the Seth Godin action figure Nick has up in his office. And that's not creepy at all. DJ gave a shout to previous guest Peter Shankman on his holiday gift of using his hard-earned air miles to others who wanted to go home for the holidays.

Seth told us about his new three part book set — The Icarus Deception, V Is for Vulnerable, and Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck? You can use those Amazon links but Seth also invited us to check our local bookstores for a possible surprise. How's that for a little marketing from the master himself!

Thanks again, Seth. Until next week, see you on the Internet!

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I have a Seth action figure too. ;)


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