Episode Number 10Peter Shankman on Making Work Fun

Peter Shankman has followed a simple rule when it comes to his work — he wants to have fun doing it. From founding Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to being a small business evangelist for Vocus to jumping out of the occasional plane, Shankman does it all with a potent combination of creativity, ADHD, and an unbridled sense of adventure. Before hoping on a plane destined for the other side of the world, Peter took a few moments to pop by The Work Talk Show.

Show Notes

That's right. Before getting on a plane bound for China, Shankman stopped by our virtual studios to tell us how he makes work fun. Specifically — as an author and speaker who logs thousands of global air miles — Shankman maximizes his time spent on airplanes.

In contrast to our first guest, Tom Webster, Shankman uses his air time to knock out work. Before leaving, he often polls his community on what they want him to write about and he cranks out as many as 14 blog posts on a flight. He also batches email offline and responds offline. He's not all work, though. On long flights, Peter also maximizes his downtime by catching up on favorite shows via iTunes.

Shankman is no stranger to maximizing his work time. During the podcast, he related a story of running along the Chicago lakefront and getting called in for a CNN interview a few blocks away. With a quick stop at a store for a shirt and tie, Shankman sat down and did the interview dressed for the part — above the desk. Below? Running shorts. Talk about a Work Talk moment!

There were many great shameless plugs in this week's episode including Nick talking about IFTTT (If This Then That — an automation tool), DJ with Nudge Mail, and Shankman with FollowUpThen. Peter also gave a shout to the handy clothing made be ScotteVest and the writing tool OmmWriter.

WORK TALK SHOW EXCLUSIVE! Shankman announced that he and his wife, Kira Shalom, are expecting their first baby this April. From all of us at The Work Talk Show — CONGRATULATIONS!

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