Episode Number 22Our View: Yahoo! Ends Telecommuting

Last week Yahoo! President and CEO Marrisa Mayer made waves when she announced that the tech giant would be discontinuing their telecommuting policy. Talk about a Work Talk moment! Sadly we don’t have Ms. Mayer on the show this week (an invitation still stands) but we have the next best thing. Previous guest and tech CEO Eric Boggs sat down with us to talk about the fallout from Yahoo!’s decision.

Show Notes

This week on a "very special episode" of The Work Talk Show ... With DJ back from Cabo and Nick back from the maternity ward (when we take a hiatus we really take a hiatus), we had a couple shows in the can, to use industry parlance. However, with the firestorm surrounding Ms. Mayer's policy change, we thought we needed to hop into the fray with our take as we're both home officers and proponents of virtual workforces. Joining us is previous guest and former Argyle Social CEO Eric Boggs.

While there's a lot of armchair quarterbacking on an issue like this, it is an important issue from the world of work that merits discussion. Case in point, as Eric noted during the show, Best Buy announced that they too were ending their popular work-from-home program.

Many previous guests have also shared their thoughts in blog posts of their own. We hope you'll check them out as well. Ann Handley's company MarketingProfs — a virtual workforce of over 30 — created this post and accompanying SlideShare on the misconceptions of working from home. You can listen to all of these past guests' Work Talk Show episodes at our full-show archive.

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Photo via Flickr user TechCrunch