Episode Number 68Nichole Kelly on Your Zone of Genius

Nichole Kelly is the President of SME Digital, the digital marketing division of Social Media Explorer. Her team helps companies figure out where social media fits and then helps execute the recommended strategy across the “right” mix of social media channels. They use a scalable content approach and measures the results to your bottom line. But how does Nichole approach her work?

Show Notes

After years of working in corporate marketing, Nichole Kelly has found her own zone genius as the digital marketing leader of SME Digital. Too often we get bogged down focusing on slogging through the work that’s hardest instead of the work we’re best at. Sometimes, even things we’re good at drain us emotionally. However, a true test of when you’ve found your zone is if you find yourself energized after performing the task.

In Kelly’s case, that zone of genius is creating revenue and helping companies tie their marketing dollars back to the bottom line. Speaking of bottom line, Kelly’s own efforts have paid off as SME Digital had grown at rate of 450%. This ground work comes as a result of her 2+ years of work with culture consultant Giovanni Cavalieri.

What are the 3 Apps Nichole Can’t Live Without? Basecamp, Email (she loves Mailstrom), and Paleo Central.

Shout-outs and plugs! Nick kicked things off by shamelessly plugging his Content Marketing Boot Camp, reminding listeners that they can save big on registration using promo code WORKTALK as well as Molly Wilson for making our Andy Craig episode a part of her curriculum. DJ thanked Nick for putting up with him (we had a very therapeutic episode). Nichole invited listeners to check out SocialMediaExplorer.com and Giovanni Cavalerri, the culture consultant who helped her realize her zone of genius.

Until next week, we’ll see you on the Internet!

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Hi Nick and DJ

What is the "plus EBI" Nichole mentions about 16m 30s in?


ps. Great show by the way. This one is among my many favourites of yours.