Episode Number 59Mitch Matthews on Dreaming Big

Mitch Matthews is a leading authority on innovative thinking, human performance, and goal achievement. But he’s probably best known simply as “The Big Dream Guy.” This is due in part to his passion for inspiring people to think about their big dreams and put a plan in place to achieve them. In 2006, Mitch and his wife started something called the BIG Dream Gatherings. We were excited for some time to chat with this big dreamer.

Show Notes

As an expert on dreaming and helping individuals and executives dream big and reach their potential, Mitch Matthews notes that he's pretty good at boiling things down. He's boiled his entire process down to three critical things: dream, think, and do. Matthews notes that it's always important to start with dreaming. "You have to give yourself permission to dream first... if you want to make a quantum leap." He speaks a lot on college and university campuses where he notes that there's a "crisis in dreaming" with young people today.

Once your dreaming is done you have to think of what comes next. And you can't wait for perfect moments for this thinking. That's why Mitch always has a notebook on him to capture his ideas for the next step — doing. Here you need to be like the scientist in the lab coat and experiment with your hypothesis until you find what works.

For the 3 apps he can't live without, Mitch selected Evernote for advanced journaling, Base for managing customer relationships, and, finally, he went with a fiction book as a reminder to have some fun among all the work.

For shout-outs and shameless plugs, Nick kicked things off with a recent fiction read he just wrapped up — Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon — and a mutual friend Rob Rouwenhorst who convened one of Mitch's "Big Dream Gathering" at the University of Iowa which Nick attended that helped spark the Social Brand Forum, which DJ spoke at. Speaking of DJ, he gave a big Marketo shout to Dreamforce, where he'll be spending a very busy week with several past (and future?) WTS guests. Mitch invited us all to dream bit at Big Dream Gathering and MitchMatthews.com. Also, the secret word for this show is ... Shiz-nits!

Until next week, we’ll see you on the Internet!

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