Episode Number 41Michael Stelzner on Kids

One topic we continually touch on during episodes of The Work Talk Show is one that is near and dear to Michael Stelzner’s heart. As the founder of Social Media Examiner and the host of the Social Media Marketing podcast, Stelzner is a busy guy who balances work with family. When he realized how fast his three kids were growing up, he decided to take action with the same tools he used to create Social Media Examiner. Mike stopped by to share on this week’s episode.

Show Notes

Over the past four years, Michael Stelzner has built up Social Media Examiner to include a robust online magazine, an over 200,000-subscriber strong email program, industry reports, live events, and the top-rated Social Media Marketing podcast. He does all of this to serve as "your guide to the social media marketing jungle." In one word, Mike is a marketer. In a few more words, Mike is a very busy marketer.

Mike organizes his day by focusing the first three hours of his day on the creative work he needs to do as marketer-in-chief and copywriter. He does this by not taking any meetings before 11:00 a.m. When he really needs to deliver, he "goes dark" — no email or social — for 60-90-minute blocks. Speaking of email, he doesn't formally open his email until 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. When he gets home, he focuses on his kids and doesn't check email again until later in the evening. And he usually stops at 9:00 p.m.

Stelzner is quick to note that our addiction to technology is getting passed on to our kids as well. On a recent trip to Disneyland, he realized how quickly his kids had grown up since their last visit. In an effort to develop more adventurous and creative family activities for his own kids, Stelzner set out to create a free online magazine for parents looking to do the same. My Kids' Adventures just launched this week and is off to a big start.

For shout-outs and shameless plugs, Nick thanked listener Jim Roots for mentioning his Social Scene Midwest study (remember to take the survey now if you haven't already), while DJ gave a birthday shootout to his wife Kristina (AKA "The K-Dawg"). Mike gave a shout-out to … us! This podcast! Flattery will get you everywhere! He also encourages you to check out My Kids' Adventures.

Until next week, see you on the Internet!

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Audio quality was gorgeous. The email slot machine analogy was brilliant. Great episode.