Episode Number 75Michael Bowers on Effort

Michael Bowers serves as the District Director of the Ohio SBDC at Columbus State Community College. He brings 25 years of experience of working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Michael is the founder of Ideas To Deals, a website committed to providing on-line support to those building small businesses. He is also the Founder/Director of the Ohio Growth Summit, a premier event committed to the support and growth of the small business owner.

Show Notes

In addition to Michael Bowers' diverse experience, he represents another key demographic we don’t talk with nearly enough on The Work Talk Show: people who actually work from traditional offices! Though it may seem different, like all of us, Bowers is plagued by the usual workplace vices — never-ending email threads, reply alls, and the like.

Michael describes himself as an “entrepreneur.” After 25 years of working with entrepreneurs and small business partners, he consulted for a while. He liked the entrepreneurial atmosphere but the way of life wasn’t for him. His work at the Small Business Development Center — a national grant-funded program — allows him to use those entrepreneurial skills to reinvigorate the system.

What Are the 3 Apps Michael Can’t Live Without? Stitcher Radio's car integration is key as he listens to podcasts during his commute and FollowUpThen allows him to forward emails to himself during critical times. For his final app Bowers says “some sort of Twitter thing,” either HootSuite or Buffer.

Shout Outs and Shameless Plugs! Nick gave an entrepreneurial-minded shout to the talk he’ll be giving at EntreFest next week while DJ gave a shout to his dad Warren Waldow on the occasion of his 66th birthday! He also mentioned Nick being featured on Bizaboo’s list of top marketing speakers. Michael gave a shout to his team, who is helping him put on the Ohio Growth Summit and to former WTS guest Amy Schmittauer, who is the co-host of Michael’s podcast, Reach the Summit.

Until next week, we’ll see you on the Internet!

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