Episode Number 27Matt Stryker on Planning Moments

As Manager of Smarter Commerce Strategy and Solutions at IBM, Matt Stryker has a long, rich history of working remotely. From his time at IBM to his previous life on the agency side, Stryker was kind enough to share his thoughts on what’s changed about being a part of virtual team. Join us for this week’s episode of The Work Talk Show.

Show Notes

Being a remote employee has followed Matt Stryker throughout his career. From his agency days as part of a satellite team to his current role with IBM, Stryker has seen the practice and behaviors as well as the tech and tools around working remotely go through significant change in terms of acceptance and best practices.

After graduating from the MBA program at Indiana University, he began an internship with IBM and he's never looked back. Though his internship was at the corporate headquarters, he was soon asked to join the team as a leader of the then-emerging field of digital media. Because this was a new industry, the best and brightest talent at IBM was spread out across the globe. As such, Stryker's team needed to be virtual.

So, just how has being remote changed? One little thing that has had a big impact to the field has been the advent of instant messaging, which brings casual inter-office communications and collaboration to virtual work teams. However, with this great power comes great responsibility. Stryker cautions remote workers that it's now more important than ever to find times when we're unplugged from work and not multi-tasking. We need to also make sure that we plan moments of play. These times when you aren't engaged are important, too. As he says, "start planning your vacation now."

Matt's Work Talk moment brings it all into perspective. For all of the time management challenges, the reward of being able to see his son grow up makes it all worthwhile. We couldn't agree more.

For shout outs and shameless plugs, Nick mentioned his recently announced Social Brand Forum featuring many previous Work Talk Show guests including Jay Baer, Gini Dietrich, Jason Falls, and, of course, DJ! Speaking of DJ, he gave a shout to a Twitter conversation from recent guest Michelle Schenker. There's also a great story they did over on their site, Cover Story Media. Matt plugged IBM's Smarter Commerce Summit series in Nashville the week before Memorial Day and in Monaco this June.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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