Episode Number 55Marcus Nelson on Self Expression at Work

Marcus Nelson is a lot of things. A half-Kiwi/born-Texan and raised in the Midwest, Nelson now makes his home in the Bay Area. He’s the founder of the new social brand empowerment tool, Addvocate. He’s also a dad to three and an advisor to many start-ups as well as an in-demand public speaker. Marcus gets a lot done while also working closely with how technology has impacted employees and brands. As such, we couldn’t wait to chat with him.

Show Notes

As a co-founder of UserVoice and former Director of Social Media for Salesforce.com, Marcus Nelson has spent a lot of time among enterprise culture understanding the challenges that people face at work today. It was there that he first saw the need for a tool like Addvocate.

Nelson saw many employees clearly expressing themselves via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, however, they struggled to positively share updates from the brands they work for and seldom get support from management. Nelson set out to change all of that with his new platform Addvocate, which helps companies utilize their employees as brand ambassadors realizing what past guest Jay Baer calls in his new book Youtility their "single greatest marketing engine." Of note, Baer clearly believes in the tool as he jumped in early as an investor and now as a board member.

Some of the best advice Nelson got from a college professor was, "Go where you're celebrated; not where you're tolerated." Nelson works to not only help organizations celebrate their people but he works to do so at the young company he's created. From the innovative open work spaces at their office to some fun with an alien named Chad, Nelson endows Addvocate with a healthy dose of celebration, validation, and levity.

For the last time for a few months, Nick plugged the Social Brand Fourm where you can meet both Nick and DJ as well as past guests Jay Baer, Gini Dietrich, and more. Listeners save when they use the code worktalk. DJ gave a shout to Marketo's new product launch, Dialog. Marcus reminded us all to check out the inspiring and entrepreneurial story of Hans Riegel, who passed away recently.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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