Episode Number 74Kevin Allen on Growth and Potential

Kevin Allen is a bestselling author, business growth consultant, and speaker. He has written two books, The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following (2012), which was a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and The Buoyant Leader: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star (2013). Kevin was also the pitchman behind MasterCard’s now iconic “Priceless” campaign and bestselling author of the new book, The Case of the Missing Cutlery.

Show Notes

Kevin Allen has been a player on some pretty historic teams. He was pitchman on the “Priceless” campaign for Mastercard and was also part of Rudy Giuliani’s strategic team. So how did Kevin go from being a team player to an author, speaker, and leading authority on growth and development?

After being vested in his company, he took a look ahead and decided that what he really wanted to do was help people grow. As Kevin gave us a behind-the-scenes account of the Priceless pitch there were lessons for anyone responsible for selling anything — products, services, ideas, themselves.

By overcoming obstacles, Kevin’s team won the business as "people make decisions with their heart, not their head.” Kevin’s days range from speaking to a whole group of people in a theatre-in-the-round or coaching a junior exec from Nike in San Paulo. We heard about his routine for work in the office and his writing process.

What are the 3 Apps Kevin Can’t Live Without? Maps for getting around while traveling, Uber (more of the same), and Kindle for carrying around all of his books at once.

Shout-outs and plugs! We went in reverse order this week! Kevin gave a shout to Nat Puccio, the strategy officer behind Mastercard campaign, and pointed us to his book website for The Case of the Missing Cutlery. He also told us about his leadership game, PlanetJockey.com. If you want our shouts and plugs, you’ll have to listen to the show!

Until next week, we’ll see you on the Internet!

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