Episode Number 23Julien Smith on Working Hard

As a best-selling author, professional voice actor and radio broadcaster, and consultant to some of the largest corporations in the world, including Microsoft, American Express, and Heineken International, Julien Smith has a lot of irons in the fire. Admittedly, he says that he’s “pretty good at working hard.” He attributes this to his rigorous method of working. Julien was kind enough to share this with us on this week’s show.

Show Notes

Julien Smith's rigorous work methodology functions the same every day. All of his tasks essentially fit one of three categories based on urgency — (1) Calendar items that must be done today — RIGHT NOW, (2) To-do items that often repeat, and (3) anytime things. He documented his routine in a recent post on his blog titled simply Work.

Julien uses three apps to help him manage this system including the basic iOS calendar, Action Method by Behance, and Lift. Above all, regardless of the tactics you utilize, Julien encourages you to trust your own system for optimal productivity.

Smith shared many stories and books where he drew inspiration including The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. You'll have to listen to the show to hear the story of the "Five Blind Wisemen." We also discussed the importance of "shower time" for doing nothing.

As a best-selling author of books written with a co-author (Trust Agents and The Impact Equation with previous WTS guest Chris Brogan) and on his own (The Flinch — get it FREE here), we asked Julien to contrast the two. Working with a co-author, you can distribute the work and each work on your own "chunks" where as on a solo project like The Flinch (edited by previous guest Seth Godin) it's much more of an intensive labor of love.

Nick gave a shout-out to Twitter fan Daniel Groce as well as recent guest Craig Jarrow who was kind enough to include us in his email, while DJ gave a shout to our newest Work Talk Show Facebook fan — his sister Jennifer Altobelli. Julien gave a shout to his girlfriend, Helen, while she traveled.

Until next week — see you on the Internet!

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The message I always recollect from Julien is "Stop being a fucking wuss!"


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