Episode Number 51John Morgan Strikes Back!

There are some guests to our virtual studios that can’t be contained by one visit alone. That was the case with author, keynote speaker, and consultant John Michael Morgan. He first joined us last year when he told us about his two-hour power working. After a recent lunch with Nick, John shared some research he’d done on the history of getting work done. This alone was reason enough to have one of our favorite guests back for a repeat appearance.

Show Notes

John Morgan jokes that he "forced his way back onto the show." However, we can't resist great guests with great stories. Especially when they're stories about work. One thing that's unique about how John works is that fact that he has been described by past guest Chris Brogan as "the laziest person" he knows. Morgan doesn't mind this characterization as he's become a master of getting things done at times when it doesn't look like he is. In fact, Morgan's research on how great thinkers have worked has revealed that many accomplish a lot by doing less. "Being busy isn't always a good thing," he cautioned. "Working hard is not working smart."

Some of Morgan's favorite historic work tips and tricks he learned? Thomas Jefferson napped everyday (all of us have tried this with varying degrees of success), Henry Ford bought the same chair Thomas Edison used to think, while DaVinci spent as much time thinking about his paintings as he did actually painting them.

As with his two-hour work bursts, Morgan is purposeful — and admittedly a little OCD — about his own work. For example, he writes everything out longhand first and only reads in a certain chair in his office. At the end of the day, why do habits matter? "You can't make six figures with five figure habits."

For shout-outs and shameless plugs, Nick reminded listeners that if they use the code worktalk when they register for this fall's Social Brand Forum (featuring past guests Jay Baer, Jason Falls, Gini Dietrich, and DJ himself) they can get the very best price. DJ gave a shout to Rapportive for Gmail, while John gave a shout to people (you'll have to listen for this one).

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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