Episode Number 6John Morgan on 2-Hour Power Working

How does author and Fortune 500 consultant John Michael Morgan get work done? Two hours at a time, as it turns out. Hailed as “the Chuck Norris of branding,” John has the unique distinction of having worked from home all of his professional life. As such, John has many life hacks and work habits figured out that he was kind enough to share with us. Go ahead and give it a listen. You may discover a tip or two from John worth stealing.

Show Notes

In the span of a career, most people end up with a variety of work settings. Not John Michael Morgan. The Brand Against the Machine author and consultant has always worked from home. Recently, we stumbled up on this great post he wrote, which we reference in the podcast, about How to Overcome the Challenges of Working from Home. After reading this, we knew John was a natural fit for The Work Talk Show.

OK. So what about this two-hour power working Morgan does? Yep. It's true. During the podcast, John shared with us a secret work habit that does wonders for his productivity. Simply put, he sets an alarm for two hours and works solid on a critical task. When two hours is up, John takes 30 minutes off to recharge his batteries by playing with his young children, strumming his guitar, or just chilling out. The result? More productive, focused bursts of work.

Morgan also shared how he handles interruptions, lists, goals, and what to do when grandpa comes knocking on your home-office door while you're leading an 800-person webinar. He also draws hard lines around his time by not working over the weekend, a boundary he's set with his clients noting that, "Your urgency is not my emergency."

Recorded the week of October 29th, our shameless plugs collectively go out to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Looking to pitch in? Please consider a donation to the Red Cross.

Until next week, see you on the internet!

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NickWestergaard moderator

 @djwaldow I tested it out last week too. Works great. Wish I could do it more this week. Been a bit choppy. So many great tips from our crazy smart guests. 


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