Episode Number 77Jo Miller on Office Politics

CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc., Jo Miller is creator of the Women’s Leadership Coaching® system, a roadmap for women who want to break into leadership positions in business. Used successfully by thousands of women worldwide, the system identifies the key steps women must take to advance into positions of influence and leadership — especially in industries long considered “a man’s world,” such as technology, finance, and energy.

Show Notes

If you take a gander at Jo Miller’s Twitter profile, you’ll find that the Women’s Leadership Coaching founder’s location is set as “Australiforniowa.” That’s because Jo hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (in Nick’s neck of the woods) via Silicon Valley, and Sydney, Australia. By taking a chance with a single career move, Jo discovered her passion for coaching, which has led her down a path toward helping women at organizations like Rockwell Collins, John Deere, and Ebay advance and lead.

Jo frequently talks about Winning at the Game of Office Politics. If you think about it, you actually do yourself a disservice by taking the oft-given advice of “staying out of office politics.” How can you make better organizational awareness work for you? (BTW - “organizational awareness” is such  better label than “office politics.”)

What Are the 3 Apps Jo Can’t Live Without? She lives on Twitter and loves it as she can connect with amazing people. She’s also a big fan of TurboScan for scanning and sending documents on the go as well as FlightAware for traveling.

Shout-outs and Shameless Plugs! Nick gave a shout to his upcoming, nationally ranked digital marketing conference, the Social Brand Forum, featuring many past Work Talk Show guests. Get a special rate using promo code worktalk. DJ gave a belated shout to all of the mothers listening (as Mother’s Day was this past weekend). Jo gave a shout to her two black cats, an article on The Muse about office politics, and her upcoming webinar series, Emerging Women Leaders.

Finally, as always, we gave a shout to our tireless Chief Technical Officer Jess Ostroff at Don’t Panic Management.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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