Episode Number 61Jim Tobin on Managing Growth

Jim Tobin is the founder and president of Ignite Social Media, one of the world’s leading social media marketing agencies. Ignite Social Media designs and executes social media marketing programs for many of the world’s largest brands, including Microsoft, Samsung, Chrysler, Nike, Disney, E&J Gallo, and Carlson-Rezidor Hotel Group. Jim is also the author of two books and a parent to three kids. How does Jim get it all done? We’re glad you asked. Let’s listen and learn!

Show Notes

Before starting Ignite Social Media, Jim Tobin came from an agency where forms and processes were the standard-operating procedure. When the bureaucracy became too much, he had to get away. However, as Ignite has grown (they’ve doubled headcount every year!) they’ve needed to reinvest in process. As Jim notes, “You can’t scale chaos. The art is how much process you can put in without stifling creativity.” How has Jim’s time changed with all of this growth? “I feel like each time we hire someone, my job changes a little bit.”

Jim is also the author of the 2008 book, Social Media is a Cocktail Party: Why You Already Know the Rules of Social Media Marketing, and his second book, Earn It. Don’t Buy It. The CMO’s Guide to Social Media Marketing in a Post Facebook World came out this month in paperback and Kindle. In writing his most recent book, Jim developed an outline and then talked through it with a writer who transcribed this into a rough draft that went to an editor who had several edits as well. Jim then scheduled time for cleaning up a chapter at a time. A key productivity tip – Jim prepares his Monday to-do list Sunday night so he can hit the ground running with the start of the new week.

As for the 3 Apps Jim Can’t Live Without: Todoist — a to-do list app, TripIt for travel, and Fantastical for coordinating calendars.

For shout-outs and shameless plugs Nick kicked things off with his Content Marketing Boot Camp, reminding listeners that they can save big on registration using promo code WORKTALK. When this show airs DJ will actually be getting ready to record a webinar with the one, the only Gary Vaynerchuk. You can learn more about that free Marketo webinar here. Jim is hitting the road with speaking engagements to promote the book including heading to Dallas this week. You can learn more about Earn It. Don’t Buy It. here.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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