Episode Number 24Jess Ostroff on Virtual Assistants

Ever have that feeling when your work is over-whelming you? Maybe you need a virtual assistant or VA. What’s a virtual assistant, you say? A great person to answer that question would be Jess Ostroff, this week’s guest on The Work Talk Show. As founder and Director of Calm at Don’t Panic Management, Jess specializes in helping people maximize their work time. We know you’re curious now …

Show Notes

As we discussed with Time Management Ninja Craig Jarrow, when a key concept is part of your title such as 'time management' you really can't slip on that front. Such is the case with Jess Ostroff as a self-proclaimed Director of Calm of Don't Panic Management. However, as she notes, things don't get her all that riled up because she keeps everything in perspective, "no one died — it's just work." And, if all else fails, "be like a duck." (You'll have to listen to the show to get that one decoded.)

Both DJ and Nick have been excited for a long time to welcome Jess to the show, as the topic of virtual assistants (assistance?) is one we've been eager to discuss here. As Jess said, many clients don't always know exactly what they need from her. They simply know they need help.

From here, the members of the Don't Panic team work with her vast array of clients — including former guests Jay Baer and Heather Whaling — to determine what can be delegated and what cannot. As with all client relationships, "fit" is important. Jess mentioned a recent blog post she wrote that we loved on how things don't always work out. The post includes some great tips on how email won't always do and that the vocal layer of communication is important.

Here's another fun fact for any eager podcasters out there — Jess is the technical director of The Work Talk Show. Back when we were thinking of launching a podcast but challenged with all of the technical processes that surrounded the task, it was Jess who saved the day. By taking care of the stuff that would have caused us a decent amount of grief, Jess allowed us to focus on the show's content.

For shout-outs, Nick mentioned Twitter fans Erik Fisher and JR Schmitt as well as Facebook comments from previous guest Heather Whaling and Don't Panic client Arik Hanson. DJ took time to welcome our new Facebook fans Missi Rosser, his cousin Brian Waldow, and a message from Patrick Doody. And — in a very special Work Talk shout out — Jess thanked us for creating The Work Talk Show. We're still a little choked up about this.

Until next week — we'll see you on the Internet

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Finally listened and remembered how much FUN it was talking to you two! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I'm still so happy that you are doing this show. I hope you start to hear from people how much it helps them (if you haven't heard anything already) and I hope I can continue to be a part of the awesome :) THANK YOU!

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