Episode Number 52Jeffrey Gitomer on Generating Ideas

We’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of The Work Talk Show podcast with a guest who needs no introduction — Jeffrey Gitomer. You probably know him from one of his many best-selling books such as The Sales Bible or his new book The 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling. Or maybe you’ve heard him speak at one of the 100 (!) presentations he gives each year. Off the wall and on the money, Gitomer gets a lot done and tells us how on this week’s episode.

Show Notes

Outside of that bold, all-caps intro, this is a pretty low-key celebration. That's because we celebrated with a pretty major guest in the form of America's #1 Sale Authority Jeffrey Gitomer. Like many of our guests, Gitomer gets a lot done as an author, speaker, and trainer. However, one quick look at Gitomer's list of published books, speaking tour, and training programs shows that he does it at a remarkable pace and scale.

As the author of books that have appeared on best-seller lists more than 850 times and have sold millions of copies worldwide, writing is a big part of Jeffrey's work. When asked how we writes, his answer was deceptively simple, noting that he has no set time or place for writing. However, in digging deeper, what he gets done is as much a product of what he doesn't do. For example, he doesn't watch a lot of TV. Instead, he has become an expert at observational insight. "By paying attention, I generate ideas." Because he's open to inspiration, he never struggles with writer's block. He also attributes the fact that he's written on deadline for 20 years as a key factor in his output as well. Gitomer also acknowledges the role of progress in our work. "I'm not as a good a writer as I will be next year and I'm OK with that."

For shout-outs and shameless plugs, Nick gave a holler to the Corridor Business Journal where he reads Jeffrey's column each week. DJ mentioned the Social Brand Forum in October where you can see him live and in person — it's also his first appearance as a Marketo employee! (Remember, listeners save by using the promo code worktalk). To wrap things up, Jeffrey pointed to his new book the 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling and told us how to find it. He also gave a shout to our mutual friend Mitch Joel for connecting us all.

We hope you've enjoyed this past year of Work Talk Show moments. Here's to the year ahead! See you on the Internet!

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