Episode Number 5Jay Baer on Planning the Work

This week DJ and Nick welcomed Jay Baer to The Work Talk Show’s virtual couch. The Convince & Convert blogger, strategist, speaker, and co-author of The Now Revolution shared his thoughts on working with remote teams, planning his next book, and how he gets work done. His secret? It sounds a lot like the old adage of planning the work and then working the plan. Along the way, Jay also shared several useful tools he uses.

Show Notes

Blogging, speaking, consulting, book-writing, podcasting — How the heck does Jay Baer of Convince and Convert get it all done? What's that? That's a good subject for a podcast, you say? Well, it just so happens we were talking with Jay Baer about those very things and decided to hit record ...

As we always say, we never know the focus of each week's episode of The Work Talk Show until we start talking with the guest. This week was no exception. As we sat down, Jay shared with us that he was planning on starting the writing for his next book, YOUtility, that weekend. On his last book The Now Revolution, which he co-authored with Amber Naslund he had a goal of writing 1,500 words a day until his portion was done. He has a goal again this time as well as a very specific, travel-light window of time to complete the writing. To do so, he's employing tools such as Scrivener, SpeechPad, and more.

Jay also shared the story of how he crowd-sourced his family's move to Indiana. Among the other criteria used he also told us about the site BestPlaces.net. Like Ann Handley, Chris Brogan, and Nick's team, Jay and company also utilize Basecamp to stay in-sync and on-task. Unlike Krista Parry (and DJ and Nick) he does not watch Parenthood.

DJ gave a shameless plug to Gini Dietrich's blog SpinSucks while Nick gave a shout-out to his team for a successful Social Brand Forum.

Until next week, see you on the internet!

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