Episode Number 35Jason Keath on Personal Work Algorithms

Jason Keath’s focus is on researching how marketers succeed and the best ways to teach others those insights. As the Founder and CEO of Social Fresh, the social media education company, he curates some of the smartest voices in online marketing. Jason works as a social media speaker, consultant and analyst, having presented to thousands of marketers at events like Blogworld and Internet Hungary among many others. He’s also this week’s guest on The Work Talk Show.

Show Notes

As the organizer of some of the most impactful social media events in the industry, Social Fresh East and West, we couldn't wait to talk to Jason Keath. Given that so much of his work is either based on event planning or creating training products, he notes that his own work routine is very campaign driven and not always in a repeatable sequence.

While he used to organize as many as seven major events in a year as a solo act, he's now shifted focus to building his two national events on the coasts and making them event stronger. And though it's still exhausting work, he now has assistance from a virtual team from around the world. Jason and his team stay connected with Google Talk for collaboration, Google Docs for ideas, and BitBucket for tracking website updates. He also uses the Pocket app to catch up on reading articles he flags for later.

We spent much of the podcast talking about how we have to move quickly at work to day and adapt to new challenges and projects. He likens it to changing our "personal work algorithms" in a manner similar to how Google updates their search algorithm.

Nick reminded listeners that they can enjoy a special listeners-only discount by using the promo code worktalk when they register for any of his Social Strategy Boot Camps throughout the Midwest (DJ will be at the Madison event!). Jason plugged his girlfriend Nicole's start-up, TASTEdaily, ridiculously awesome daily emails for bold women.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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