Episode Number 14Jason Falls on Being Present in Work & Life

Jason Falls’ work life has consisted of a multitude of scenarios. From a 9 to 5 agency job, to an independant consultant hopping from coffee shop to home office, to a downtown office with a small team at Social Media Explorer, to his new gig leading digital strategy at CafePress, Falls — like Johnny Cash — has been everywhere, man. From a temporary conference room office overlooking the factory floor, Jason took a few moments to talk with us about focus.

Show Notes

Most episodes of The Work Talk Show, start off with the sometimes asked and sometimes implied question, "how do you get it all done?" Recently Jason Falls joined CafePress as Vice President of Digital Strategy, though he'll also continue to blog and host learning events for Social Media Explorer, the community he founded. He's also the author of two books, including The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing which he co-wrote with our own DJ Waldow. With young children to boot, Falls has a lot on his plate.

So how does he do it? It's not always easy. As all three of us discussed, our tools and technologies have certainly made it easier to keep a lot of balls in the air but they also invade other aspects of our lives, such as time with our families. Those working on the bleeding edge of technology like us end up with a near addiction to our mobile devices, constantly checking email, Twitter, and Facebook instead of tucking-in our kids and listening to others. As we've discussed many times, focus can be a challenge.

One way Falls has found success managing all of the irons he has in the fire, is using the physical spaces he's in to define what we does and doesn't work on. For example, when he's at the CafePress facility during the day he's focused 100% on CafePress with minimal attention to social media outside of what his job as a digital strategist requires. As a blogger and author, he saves this "totally locked-in" focus work for later at night after spending time with his family.

Like our previous guest Jay Baer, Falls relies on Scrivener software to help his focus while writing. He also gave a shout-out to the Louisville Cardinals, while Nick plugged his ebook Instagram for Brands and DJ praised his son Cal for sleeping through the night.

Until next week, see you on the internet!

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