Episode Number 17Guy Kawasaki on Productivity Processes

Guy Kawasaki is a world-famous author, publisher, and entrepreneur. In fact, his new book is called APE: Author-Publisher-Entrepreneur. In addition to all of this, Kawasaki is the co-founder of Alltop.com, co-founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures, and maintains a robust speaking schedule. In the midst of all of this Guy took some time to stop by our virtual studio to talk about how he does it all.

Show Notes

First, a quick pre-show note ... The Work Talk Show experienced a couple of technical difficulties during this recording. In the end, we lost a couple small segments of the interview mid-way through and once more at the end. No biggie. As we're about getting the work done, we didn't want to trouble Guy who was already generous enough to record it once. Plus, it's still a great interview. Anyway, on with the show …

As Apple nuts ourselves, we had a lot of fun taking a few minutes at the top of the show to join Kawasaki, Apple's former Chief Evangelist, in complaining about the the company's recent cable/adaptor shifts in the power supply cords on new iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Like previous guest Seth Godin, Kawasaki describes his over-stuffed email inbox as "the bane of my existence." As such, Guy has placed several people and processes around this potential time suck. For starters, he has server rules that route email from anyone unknown to an assistant who can triage it and get it on his radar if needed or file it if it doesn't match his criteria.

Social media is also a big part of Kawasaki's life. Indeed, his significant social following is key in getting the word out on his books and other ventures. Here too, Guy stays ahead of the game with process. The first thing he does in the morning — as well as several times throughout the day — is check Google+, his social network of choice (he literally wrote the book on it).

From the updates Guy makes on Google+, his virtual assistant redeploys this content across other platforms via Buffer. Kawasaki was quick to avoid the "social media as an addiction" pile-on you so often hear, noting that for him "it's a means to an end." He also sits squarely in the blend camp, when it comes to the discussion on work-life balance vs. blend. In his words, his life is so blended now that in terms of blenders it's a lot like the result of the Blendtec videos.

Nick's shout-outs got cut a bit short due to our technical glitch, however, he continued the tradition from last week of thanking community members who have mentioned the show on Twitter including Seth Sparks, Tim McDonald, and Brian D. Shelton. DJ thanked recent iTunes reviewers (and past guests) Peter Shankman and Matt Ridings.

And, of course, Guy gave a shout-out to his new book APE and just a few of his favorite platforms.

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Another great interview, guys. I didn't know Guy had such a great sense of humour and it was to hear that email has the same affect on him as it does on the rest of us. Keep up the terrific work!  Marnie Hughes

NickWestergaard moderator

 @marnie1 Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment, Marnie! Great to hear from you. I agree that hearing from experts that they too struggle with their email takes some of the pressure off of me when my inbox isn't quite at zero ... Thanks again for tuning in!

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