Episode Number 8Gini Dietrich on Building Relationships

As the founder and CEO of the integrated marketing communications firm Arment Dietrich, the author of the popular PR blog Spin Sucks, as well as the new book Marketing in the Round, you could say that Gini Dietrich knows how to stay busy. She not only keeps herself occupied, she also leads a growing agency and spends a lot of time “building relationships through her fingertips.” Recently Gini took some time to share her work secrets with DJ and Nick.

Show Notes

With an agency to run, a blog to keep up, and a new book — Marketing in the Round — to promote, Gini Dietrich has a lot on her to-do list. How does she get it all done?

Recently, her agency, Arment Dietrich, experimented with shifting to a virtual office. After 10 months, the vote was a resounding "Yes — we love it!." Gini also gives careful consideration to her virtual team by fostering weekly one-on-one meetings between staff and direct reports and encouraging personal fitness plans to counteract the not-so-wonderful side effects a desk-based life can create. She wrote a great post about the Pros and Cons of a Virtual Office on her blog.

Speaking of her blog ... Gini also blogs every day of the week except Saturday (not yet, she says). Every. Day. She does this by getting up at 5:00 AM to write (or sometimes earlier!). Another work tip? Gini schedules all of her meetings — internal and external — on Mondays, leaving the rest of the week for more focused work time.

As we spent some time talking about writing habits, Nick gave a shameless plug to Jason Konopinski's podcast Riffing on Writing. Fresh off a trip to PartnerCon, DJ gave a shout-out to his friends at InfusionSoft, while Gini plugged Social Media Examiner's 2013 content event.

Until next week, see you on the internet!

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