Episode Number 82Eve Tahmincioglu on the 1950s Work Model

Eve Tahmincioglu is the director of communications and social media guru for the Families and Work Institute. She has written business stories for a host of publications including the New York Times, Time, Salon.com, and BusinessWeek. She is also a contributor for MSNBC.com. Her specialties include workplace issues, the small business and entrepreneurial world, social networking, retail, autos, and women’s issues and leadership.

Show Notes

In addition to being named one of the top ten career tweeters on Twitter by CareerBuilder and CNN, "Career Diva" Eve Tahmincioglu is on a mission to destroy the 1950s work model. You know the stereotype — single income, dad works, mom stays home. This setup is increasingly rare and yet many today still struggle with these roles and expectations. Eve gave us an update on where this issue stands as well as some promising developments.

Eve also shared her secrets for working from home. Like many of our guests, she starts her day very early. First, she checks Twitter for the day’s news. She then likes to get things going by making sure everyone at her house has a big breakfast. Another important part of her day is to cleaning up and dressing for work every day in order to get into “that work mindset."

What Are the 3 Apps Simon Can’t Live Without? TweetDeck (Eve shared her favorite hashtags for following conversations), Vine (a guilty pleasure), and Instagram (she’s a foodie!). Also, Parkmobile for parking at a meter without change. BONUS! What apps drive her nuts? The Amtrack app as well as Snapchat. The latter as it’s challenging to keep track of what her kids are doing online.

Shout-outs and Shameless Plugs! Nick gave a shout to his upcoming, nationally ranked digital marketing conference, the Social Brand Forum, featuring many past Work Talk Show guests. Get a special rate using promo code worktalk. DJ gave a shout to Rick Gallon who listens to the secret (secret) portion of our show. Eve mentioned her husband Andy, who helps her do what she does. To learn more, check out familiesandwork.org.

Finally, as always, we gave a shout to our tireless Chief Technical Officer Jess Ostroff at Don’t Panic Management.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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