Episode Number 93Erik Fisher on Focus

Erik Fisher is a busy guy. He’s the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner as well as a productivity podcaster and author. We like to think of his podcast, Beyond the To-Do List, as a sibling of The Work Talk Show. His book, Hit the Mark!, is about focus. As you can imagine, we couldn’t wait to talk with Erik about focus and how he gets it all done.

Show Notes

So just how does Erik Fisher juggle all of this? First, like many Work Talk Show guests, Erik was quick to take our culture’s juggling metaphor to task. Erik prefers the concept of a slack line that you can tilt or pivot to relieve tension and shift focus as required by life, work, or some combination thereof. We also deconstructed the myth of work-life balance once again (maybe it is more like dimmers on a sound board!).

Erik also works from a home office, so it’s important for him to maximize the time he has when he has it. Simple trial and error has taught him a few things including the fact that he can’t work between 3 PM and 5 PM as his kids are home from school. This provided a great segue for us to discuss...

What Are the 3 Apps Erik Can’t Live Without? Focus@will for productivity through focus and music, Todoist, TweetBot the app and the desktop client, and the Byword app that lets you write without distractions.

Shout-outs and Shameless Plugs! Nick plugged his upcoming, nationally ranked digital marketing conference, the Social Brand Forum, featuring many past Work Talk Show guests. Get a special rate using promo code worktalk. He also gave a shout to Jessica Lawlor, who loved Liz Presson's episode. DJ gave a shout to Adam Silver who always shares his feedback as well as his new(ish) podcast, Living Your Passion. Erik closed by inviting us to check out his podcast Beyond the To-Do List and his book Hit the Mark!

Finally, as always, we gave a shout to our tireless Chief Technical Officer Jess Ostroff at Don’t Panic Management.

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Corina Manea
Corina Manea

Loved it! I´m checking Todoist right now. It might be what I needed. Thanks Erik.