Episode Number 20Eric Boggs on Inboxes & What’s Important

When it comes to work and productivity, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. You have to do what works for you. Eric Boggs knows a thing or two about getting work done. The Argyle Social founder and former CEO works almost exclusively from his email inbox and his mind, with simple rules for keeping track of what’s important. Boggs took a moment to share that with us on this week’s show.

Show Notes

After a storied career arc that has included being the first employee at Bronto Software and the founder of Argyle Social, Eric Boggs is taking a break. However, this life-long lover of work isn't kicking back. With several irons in the fire and baby #2 on the way, Boggs is a busy home officer working with a handful of companies in Durham and San Francisco.

As Boggs said on the show, he's been in love with the idea of work since his dad started letting him mow the lawn. Nowadays, instead of cutting through the grass, Boggs cuts through his email inbox which serves as his ad hoc to-do list. All of us confessed to emailing notes to ourselves to help stay on top of things. We again gave a nod to useful email tools like Nudgemail, FollowUpThen, and Boomerang. Boggs even shared a dirty secret on how he has used email scheduling to be appear even more hard working!

We all discussed trying to work with notebooks — sometimes with mixed success. Eric stated that he works almost exclusively from email and his head. As he said, "If I can't remember it, it's not important enough." He also talked about the background or "spare cycles" in our brain. Like the tech parallel, this is that thinking that runs behind the scenes and helps us solve complex business issues.

This episode wasn't all "work" as we had time to talk about Tar Heel basketball and which baseball player's cards we collected as kids. For the record: Eric Boggs – Wade Boggs (no relation), DJ Waldow – George Brett, and Nick – Kirby Puckett.

When it came time for shout-outs, Nick gave some love to Twitter fans of the show including Ryan Miller, Heather Whaling, and Brandie McCallum, while DJ shared an iTunes review from Mick Johnson. Eric gave shouts to Adam Davis, Meghan McNamara (Rosenthal), P&P, and the incomparable Tom Webster (AKA - Work Talk Show guest #1).

Until next week, see you on the Internet!

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