Episode Number 66Davyeon Ross on Passion for Work

Davyeon Ross is the quintessential tech entrepreneur making things happen in the Midwest’s Silicon Prairie. He’s also something of an anomaly for combining his personal passion of basketball in not one, but two winning ventures. The first, was Digital Sports Ventures, which went on to be acquired by Digital Broadcasting Group. ShotTracker, his newest start-up, helps players measure their performance. We couldn’t wait to chat about how he gets it all done.

Show Notes

After a playing hoops in the literal sense, Davyeon has founded several business ventures that capitalize on this passion. First, he founded Digital Sports Ventures (DSV), which negotiated online video rights and streaming for college sports, which he eventually sold. Davyeon’s newest venture continues this combined path of personal and professional pursuit.

ShotTracker adds another passion of Davyeon’s — technology. Specifically, wearable tech that he has designed to be the equivalent of FitBit or Nike+ for basketball players. The journey has been incredible and rewarding. When not working on one of those two passions, he has others. He golfs every week and spends time with his family. He also stays involved in the community. We had some interesting conversations around physical workspace, routine, and working with a virtual team.

What are the 3 apps Davyeon can’t live without? Calendar, Evernote as he loves having what he writes down synch across devices, and, finally, Spotify for when he needs to crank work out.

Shout-outs and plugs! Nick kicked things off by shamelessly plugging his Content Marketing Boot Camp, reminding listeners that they can save big on registration using promo code WORKTALK. DJ also plugged an event, Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton as keynote speaker. Davyeon closed the show with a Happy New Year to all of our listeners as well as giving a shout to ShotTracker. Those who pre-order at ShotTracker can be assured to get theirs first.

Until next week, we’ll see you on the Internet!

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