Episode Number 54David Meerman Scott on Laddering

David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, advisor to emerging companies, bestselling author of eight books including three international bestsellers, and a professional speaker on topics including marketing, leadership, and social media. As a recovering marketing VP who now earns his living by speaking and writing books, David has gotten work done in a variety of ways. He was kind enough to sit down with us and share a few of his secrets.

Show Notes

As a best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker, David Meerman Scott knows how to get work done. Unlike many of our home-officing or work-shifting guests, David has a small office he goes to each day to work. As he notes, his wife — also an author — works from home so he can't. His office isn't a place for visitors, it's a place for him to get things done. David's secrets for juggling speaking and writing? For starters, he doesn't have a boss (that always helps!). Second, he doesn't go to meetings unless he wants to. Finally, he limits his time and carefully manages his focus. As he notes, "this is all of the time we have."

As he develops content in various forms — from blog posts to books to speeches — David utilizes what he calls a "Ladder Approach." When he creates new forms of smaller content that catches on, such as a blog post or webinar, he will expand or ladder it into a series which could eventually become a book. He's employed this approach on several of his books including Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead and Newsjacking. He tests out ideas on the speaking circuit as well.

With a popular guest like David, you're bound to get a ton of audience questions from Facebook and Twitter. For example, Tim Washer asked him about the fifth P of marketing, which is explained in this video (BTW — David has lost 50 lbs since this was shot!). How about the question of the hour for this music aficionado who has seen 549 concerts to date: Which band is the natural heir to the Grateful Dead? David's answer was … Well, you'll have to listen for that one ;)

For shout-outs and shameless plugs, Nick gave the final shout for the Social Brand Forum which is just one week away in Iowa. There you'll see past guests Jay Baer, Gini Dietrich, and more, plus your co-host DJ Waldow. Just use the promo code worktalk for special savings. DJ was excited about the Forum as well which is his first event as a Marketo employee. David gave a shout to past guests and mutual friends Ann Handley and Tim Washer. He also shared a completely free book with all of us called World Wide Rave, which you can download here.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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