Episode Number 16Danielle Smith on Juggling Work & Family

Danielle Smith is an extraordinary mommy. Actually, Danielle Smith is the Extraordinary Mommy and primary author/founder of the blog of the same name as well as Danielle Smith Media. The consummate juggler, she also creates video content for sites such as Babble and SheKnows and is the author of Mom Incorporated: A Guide to Business + Baby. While in Las Vegas for NMX, Danielle took some time to talk with us about how she keeps it all going.

Show Notes

As an award-winning former television news anchor and reporter, Danielle Smith travels around the country speaking on a wide variety of topics ranging from video and vlogging to blogger/brand relationships, starting a business from home and the juggle of motherhood and business ownership, as well as the use of social media and the benefits of cause marketing.

Danielle, like recent guests Mitch Joel and Matt Ridings before her, works toward achieving a good blend with her work and life as opposed to the mythical concept of balance. "Balance is bunk," she noted adding, "I'm never a stellar mom at the exact same moment I'm a stellar business person or a stellar writer." She's gone so far as to eliminate the word 'balance' from her vocabulary!

She also has a new book coming out, Social Media Engagement for Dummies. What does it take to write a book? A lot of time, energy, and quiet. She describes the process of writing this book as the hardest thing she's ever done.

On the home front, we also exchanged practical advice on working from home with kids in the house, using technology like iPods and FaceTime for staying in touch while traveling, and parental internet safety concerns. Her husband wrote a great post on Extraordinary Mommy about their kids' iPods called iRule, iThink. Danielle also recommended a texting/calling app for kids called textPlus.

Nick started a new tradition of giving a shout-out to Work Talk show fans from social media. This week we gave virtual high-fives to listeners John Morgan (former guest), Dave Cutler, and April Smith. DJ gave props to some of our other podcasting heroes like Chris Brogan's Human Business Way and Christopher S. Penn and John Wall's Marketing Over Coffee. Nick also gave a shout-out to his favorite non-business podcast, Nerdist. Danielle was too kind and gave her shout out to us. What a fun guest with great insight.

Until next week, see you on the Internet!

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