Episode Number 2Chris Brogan on Getting Work Done

In the second installment of our new weekly podcast, we had a great conversation with Chris Brogan. As the President and CEO of Human Business Works, author of books including his new title with Julien Smith The Impact Equation, and a blogger and speaker, Chris has a lot on his plate. Or plates, rather. Recently he took some time to sit down and chat with us about his weekly emails, religion (you read that correctly), and, of course, how he gets work done.

Show Notes

Wow. Did we have a great second show or what? The one-and-only Chris Brogan joined us to share not only how he gets his ample work done — running Human Business Works, blogging, speaking, writing (oh my!) – but he also shared how he and his team utilize tools like Basecamp (a favorite of Nick's), Podio, Google Docs, and Evernote.

Chris also pointed us toward great people doing great work at InvisiblePeople.tv. You owe it to yourself to check this out. You also owe it to yourself to subscribe to Chris' weekly email newsletter which we discussed during the podcast. Powered by Infusionsoft, these Sunday-morning emails are great for centering your week and your work. You can subscribe to those at chrisbrogan.com — you can't miss the sign-up form. You can also check out Chris' new book The Impact Equation.

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See you next week!