Episode Number 47Charlie McDermott on Chasing Your Tail

As a speaker, author, and founder of the Business & Entrepreneur Network, Charlie McDermott helps small business owners clear the path to building valuable, scalable, and “saleable” businesses through automation and the creation of direct response marketing assets. This serial entrepreneur even put his skills to work to help market his son as an actor in Hollywood. As you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about when Charlie stopped by The Work Talk Show.

Show Notes

Charlie McDermott is frequently interviewed on radio and podcast shows about his expertise in direct response marketing & business automation. Charlie started his first business as a college student at West Chester University located in Pennsylvania, and grew it into an 8-figure health club empire. Twenty-two years later he sold that business to focus his marketing expertise on Hollywood where he helped his son cut through the Hollywood clutter and land a full-time acting gig on the hit ABC comedy, “The Middle."

McDermott also helps busy small business owners. One of his favorite acronyms to describe how entrepreneurs struggle with time is ABCYT — Always Be Chasing Your Tail. To counter this, Charlie's mantra is "Never Start Your Day Without a Plan". He encourages those he mentors to set specific times to be available for emails, texts, and phone calls. A couple of Charlie's secrets include tackling the tough stuff early in the day while he's fresh and utilizing pen and paper for planning. "It's hard to replace," he says.

For shout outs and shameless plugs, Nick mentioned his research project Social Scene Midwest and the promo code worktalk which gets listeners the best price for this fall's Social Brand Forum where you can see DJ and Nick in person! DJ plugged his #90DaystoEllen project while Charlie mentioned his Business & Entrepreneur Network at BENresults.com.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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