Episode Number 71Carrie Mess on Working in the Fields

Carrie Mess is a cow, cheese, music, and beer lover from Southern Wisconsin. In addition to working with her husband and his family on their 100-cow dairy farm, she spends her time blogging and speaking professionally, where she’s know as Dairy Carrie. If you’ve thought we’ve talked through some interesting work scenarios before, we raised the bar this week with someone who’s literally in the fields. Curious on how she gets all this work done?

Show Notes

Carrie Mess’ days are probably longer than yours. Starting at 5 AM and often not getting to dinner until 10 PM, she spends her time a lot of different ways. For example, it’s not uncommon to find her using her phone to interact on social media with one hand and bottle-feeding a calf with the other hand. While her routine is intense, it also provides her with a lot of time for thought, such as her time in the tractor.

Through her blogging and speaking, she is able to pursue another passion of hers: helping people who aren’t connected to agriculture get to know more about where their food comes from.

What are the 3 Apps Carrie Can’t Live Without? Google Calendar — if it ever has a  glitch she’s really, really screwed as it helps her manage employees' schedules from the road. The Facebook Pages Admin App allows her to manage six pages and Tweetcaster links her to the people she wants to talk to.

Shout-outs and plugs! Nick kicked things off by shamelessly plugging his Content Marketing Boot Camp, reminding listeners that they can save big on registration using promo code WORKTALK. DJ is looking forward to seeing people at SXSW! Carrie wants to encourage people to connect with food experts. #AgChat on Tuesdays is a great way to follow this conversation.

Until next week, see you on the Internet!

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