Episode Number 48Bryan Nielson on the Circles of Work Hell

As Chief Marketing Officer at AtTask, Bryan Nielson spends his time marketing work management solutions for organizations. By helping global teams organize, AtTask has identified what they call the “Circles of Marketing Work Hell” including, among other areas, handling your inbox. As you can imagine, we had to hear more about this.

Show Notes

AtTask has become the system of choice for organizations worldwide that are looking to improve how knowledge workers organize and manage work. In leading this charge, Bryan Nielson and the team at AtTask focus on many of the workplace shifts we discuss each week here on the podcast.

"We used to talk about global departments, now we talk about global teams," Nielson explained. Our teams today are changing as well. The role of software is "to get out the way of creativity" and help foster collaboration. Internal teams still use a lot of external people and they need tools for managing these teams.

Those circles of work hell? Bryan laid out the areas that many organizations of all shapes and sizes struggle with — email hell, status meeting hell, and so forth. As many guests have noted, email is one of the biggest pain points organizations have and it's not always the best tool for managing dynamic projects.

For shout-outs and shameless plugs, Nick reminded listeners that they could see several Work Talk Show guests at this fall's Social Brand Forum, where they can use the code worktalk to get the best price. DJ gave a shout to Callie Summers — our biggest fan on Twitter! Bryan had a special challenge to marketers: stop sucking! Seriously, listen to the podcast and we know you'll agree.

Until next week, we'll see you on the internet!

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