Episode Number 62Bryan Kramer on Traveling and Napping

Bryan Kramer is a Social Business Strategist and CEO of PureMatter where he’s led his agency to consistent growth over the last 10 years earning a spot as one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing private companies by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Bryan was recently listed globally as the 43rd most talked about marketer by senior marketers in a report study via LeadTail. As such, we couldn’t wait to talk with him about how he gets it all done.

Show Notes

As a both a busy agency leader and insightful thought leader, Bryan Kramer finds most of his time spent on work and more work. However, he always makes time for family. As he shared, he’s fortunate enough to have kids that remind him when he needs to send some more attention their way. He also counts it as a plus that when he pushes too hard his body just shuts down as a gentle reminder to take a quick rest. Or a nap, which Bryan is a firm believer in. He tries to take a 15-20 minute nap each day.

Bryan spends a lot of time traveling and finds these parcels of uninterrupted, focused time great for knocking out content or spending time on client work. As PureMatter has grown, Bryan has found his shift in responsibilities has been relieved by the addition of process, noting, “Once process in place, it runs the show instead of me."

What are the 3 Apps Bryan Can’t Live Without? As an ardent napper, Bryan loves napping app Pzizz which he puts in a tie with Spotify as they both help you decompress via music. Evernote is his number one, all-time favorite, along with TripIt for travel.

Shout-outs and plugs! Nick kicked things off with his Content Marketing Boot Camp, reminding listeners that they can save big on registration using promo code WORKTALK. DJ gave a shout to past guest Amy Schmittauer for some fun #WorkTalkShow tweets. Bryan gave a shout out to us (awwwww!) and then plugged his video series Jeremiah Owyang which promises a big announcement. DJ also reminded us about Bryan’s new podcast From the Author’s Point of View featuring many past WTS guests.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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