Episode Number 37Blair Enns on Remote Perspective

As the founder of Win Without Pitching, Blair Enns is a business development consultant working with creative firms worldwide. As a speaker and author, Enns endeavors to be the sand in the profession-wide pitch machine, questioning firms and clients alike on the sanity of the pitch-based approach. He not only operates outside of the lines, he also lives outside the lines in the remote mountain village of Kaslo, British Columbia.

Show Notes

In the history of The Work Talk Show, Blair Enns holds the twin distinctions of being the most remote guest and having the fewest distractions. As noted, Enns runs his consultancy, Win Without Pitching, from the remote Canadian village of Kaslo in the mountains of British Columbia. He took a break from building a deck for his son's graduation to talk with us about how he gets work done.

With a population of just 976, Kaslo includes a diverse mix of blue collar workers, loggers, old hippies, and professionals like Enns who finds that this remote location gives him perspective. Down the hill from his home, he shares an office with two other professionals — a grizzly bear biologist and a bat biologist. Enns finds value in working with those outside of your industry, adding "I think everyone should work with scientists" as it makes you think more scientifically.

Beyond his remote location, Enns stays focused on what matters by avoiding distractions like TV — he's been without one for the past 18 years! "The information you need will find you," explained Enns.

For shout-outs, Nick encouraged listeners to take and share his new 10-state research study of Midwest social media behavior, Social Scene Midwest, while DJ gave a holler to Ethan from BombBomb for his engaging response. Blair even kept his shout-out in perspective by congratulating his 18-year old son Isaac on graduating. Best of luck from all of us at the Work Talk Show, Isaac!

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