Episode Number 80Beverly Flaxington on Getting Things Done

Beverly D. Flaxington, two-time bestselling and Gold-award winning author, is an international speaker, an accomplished consultant, hypnotherapist, personal and career coach, college professor, corporate trainer, facilitator, behavioral expert, entrepreneur and business development expert. Her knowledge of human behavior and the most effective ways to make change happen have helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations.

Show Notes

Beverly Flaxington holds a unique distinction among our roster of Work Talk Show guests. As an author, speaker, consultant, hypnotherapist, coach, professor, trainer, facilitator, expert, entrepreneur, and more — (Whew! We’re out of breath just typing that!) — she has more titles than anyone else we’ve ever spoken to! Speaking of interviews, she also calculates that she’s done over 5,000 through the years.

How on Earth does Bev get all of this done?? One way that she’s like our other successful guests, is that Bev swears by making a list to inform her daily focus and eliminate the noise. What needs to be done when? What can be farmed out? What’s her goal by the end of the day? What’s her goal by the end of the week?

In addition to her work, Flaxington is a busy mother of three who volunteers at animal rescues. One of our favorite stories is a Work Talk Show exclusive. Many of Bev’s clients presume she has a standing meeting on Monday mornings as she’s always busy. She does have a meeting, it’s just not with humans. That’s her time cleaning out the local animal rescue. This volunteer work is such an important part of her life, she schedules it and respects it as she would a meeting.

What Are the 3 Apps Bev Can’t Live Without? Hot 5 (5-minute video workouts), Remember the Milk (for list making), and Jelly for getting on-the-go intel based on photos.

Shout-outs and Shameless Plugs! Nick gave a shout to his upcoming, nationally ranked digital marketing conference, the Social Brand Forum, featuring many past Work Talk Show guests. Get a special rate using promo code worktalk. DJ thanked all the people that offered him words of encouragement as he prepares for what’s next. Beverly shout out to her kids. Though she’s a sought-after expert, it’s her kids that teach her everyday. You can learn more about what she does at thehumanbehaviorcoach.com.

Finally, as always, we gave a shout to our tireless Chief Technical Officer Jess Ostroff at Don’t Panic Management.

Until next week, we'll see you on the Internet!

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