Episode Number 4Ann Handley on Virtual Teams

We have a special treat just for you on this week’s LIVE episode of The Work Talk Show. Recorded at the Iowa River Landing as part of the Social Brand Forum, DJ & Nick were joined by none other than MarketingProfs’ Chief Content Officer Ann Handley. In addition to being a best-selling author, speaker, and marketer, Ann also leads the entirely virtual team at MarketingProfs. What tips and tools keep this 30+ person team on-track? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Show Notes

Recently, when presented with a unique opportunity, we had to seize the moment. A few months back, Nick announced a new social media marketing event in Iowa, the Social Brand Forum. Speaking at this event was fellow Work Talker DJ Waldow as well as their mutual acquaintance, Ann Handley. We couldn't not do a special LIVE, in-person show before the event. The result? A rollicking "podcast vérité" with table thumping, clinking glasses, and that noisy housekeeping cart in the hallway (we wish there was some cool Easter egg on the recording at that point but alas).

How does Ann and her virtual team at MarketingProfs get their work done? With the help of practices such as regular video calls, an executive team that observes a "no-multi-tasking" rule during meetings , Google Hangout-supported interviews, Dropbox for version-tracking, and tools like Basecamp. Also addressed is one of the downsides to virtual teams — the lack of social contact and interaction. How do you go "have a beer after work" with someone on the other side of the country? Turns out Facebook can help with this.

Next week we'll be back at our desks bringing you more Work Talk fun from our virtual studios. See you on the Internet!

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Interesting interview! Although I do believe that there are tools that have all the above in one! It's much easier to have a full collaboration platform to facilitate all the above than have a lot of tiny little apps to do this! For example comidor (www.comidor.com) is a powerful Collaboration platform which combines Project Management, CRM and Business Intelligence functionalities.


This was fun, guys.. thank you. So glad we saved it for Iowa! Love your show. (And not just the ones with me.) Nice work.

NickWestergaard moderator

 @annhandley Thanks Ann! For the record. You are much more than an acquaintance :) I will replace that word with whatever we think is better — bestie, partner in crime ... I also struggle writing as the royal "we" for the "DJ and Nick"-bot. 


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