Episode Number 26Amy Porterfield on Creating Work You Love

When you run a successful internet marketing business, host a top-ranked podcast, write books, conduct webinars, have a rich, full personal life and a work history that includes working for Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, you really can’t fit all of the great things you have to share into a single podcast. This was our struggle this week as the generous and talented Amy Porterfield stopped by The Work Talk Show’s virtual studios.

Show Notes

After a career working with storied brands like Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield wanted to build a business that she loves by helping others build their businesses online, generate leads, and make money through social media. Through her online content, blog, podcast, webinars, and other products she is able to do just that. Recently she has built up her own team around AmyPorterfield.com that includes a project manager, community manager, and additional design and coding resources. In fact, many are entrepreneurial types in their own right, which Amy values.

A great proving ground for any entrepreneur would be working closely with personal performance expert, Tony Robbins as Amy did. When we asked her what her biggest takeaways from this time were and the impact on her business she said:
  • Model the Best — Find who's doing it right and model them
  • It's Not About the Resources You Have — It's about being resourceful; figure out how to do it anyway
  • Never Look Back — Storm the island and burn the boats
Two digital productivity secrets of Amy's that may surprise you? Though she creates products about social media, she limits her own activity on Facebook and Twitter so she can stay focused on client goals. When she is on social media, she takes her time very seriously by creating an agenda of what she wants to get done. She also keeps it all together with some physical organization in the form of folders for each product. Despite talking about building businesses online, Amy recognizes the value organizationally of having each project and its info in the right place.

DJ and Nick both had some personal moments during this week's show as well. First, as a lifelong fan of all things Tom Selleck/Magnum P.I. related, Nick realized that after having worked with Selleck on a Tony Robbins project, Amy was very likely as close as he would ever get to Mr. Selleck and his award-winning mustache. Amy answered that it (the Selleck-stache!) was indeed as wonderful in person as it is on screen — photographic evidence!

DJ's moment came when Amy gave her shout out to DJ's useful weekly email series, which you can subscribe to here. We also gave a shout to #WorkTalkShow Twitter fan Jessica Wilkinson who said that our advice on the Heather Whaling episode "changed her life." We won't tell you how. You'll have to listen for that one.

Until next week — we'll see you on the Internet!

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