Episode Number 98Allen Nance on Scheduling Everything

Allen Nance has been an email entrepreneur for fifteen years. As the founder and CEO of email marketing software company, WhatCounts, he has led the company to three Inc. 500 designations and 700 clients sending billions of emails around the globe. He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, blogs at www.allennance.com and tweets from @AllenNance. How does Allen get it done? We couldn’t wait to find out.

Show Notes

What Does He Do? Allen Nance is a lot of things. He’s an investor, founder, and CEO at WhatCounts (digital, email, social, web, marketing). He’s an investor, advisor, board member of springbot (big data, ecommerce, marketing), InsightPool (social marketing automation), Peachtree Supplies (online office supplies retailer), and Scrubs and Beyond (health-care clothing e-commerce retailer). He’s also a partner at the technology company building studio TechSquare Labs.

How Does He Do It? Despite having several irons in the fire as a leader, founder, and mentor, everything connects to his central focus of digital marketing. The startups he invests in and nurtures he considers R&D for his primary role of leading WhatCounts. Allen keeps all of this straight by scheduling everything. To make sure he’s allocating his time appropriately he audits his time at the end of each month. Like DJ, ScheduleOnce has changed how Allen works. Speaking of useful apps ...

What Are the 3 Apps Allen Can’t Live Without? Airbnb (it's been over a year since Allen has stayed in a hotel!), Uber, and Google Maps.

Shout-outs and Shameless Plugs! Nick gave a shout out to Kerry O’Shea Gorgone for speaking to his class at the University of Iowa and for being a great podcast host while DJ gave a shout to Jay Baer and his new book, Youtility for Real Estate, and shared his most recent launch — COACH DJ — which you should all check out. Allen gave a shout to Georgia Tech for being ranked as having the "smartest people" of any university. He also gave a “proud plug” to the team at WhatCounts.

Finally, as always, we gave a shout to our tireless Chief Technical Officer Jess Ostroff at Don’t Panic Management.

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