Episode Number 25Alex & Michelle Schenker: Side by Side

Working together takes on a whole new meaning when you are married as well! Alex and Michelle Schenker lead the Cover Story Media team as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer. On top of all of this, their team is located at points throughout the world. So, how does this work? As you can imagine, we had a lot of questions. Luckily, Alex and Michelle had a lot of answers.

Show Notes

This was a week of firsts on The Work Talk Show. It was our first time with two guests and the first time that those two guests happened to be married as well! As an aside, DJ and Nick may have realized in this episode that they are now "podcast spouses."

Alex originally founded the business as a website development company. After a storied career on the brand and agency side, Michelle came aboard the rebranded Cover Story Media nearly a year ago. At first, having someone else in his home office took some getting used to for Alex. However, their home's floor plan helps the Schenkers create boundaries between their work and their lives. Their living area is downstairs while both have offices upstairs. Meditation is also an important part of their work day as well, as both embrace Amy Jo Martin's Ready, Set, Pause approach.

With a core team of five and a growing creative network, Alex and Michelle have thought about getting an office a few different times but ultimately have embraced their virtual lifestyle. Among the many benefits is being able to attract global talent rather than being limited by geographic areas. Their team stays connected via Google Hangouts as they value seeing each other and maintaining that personal connection.

For shout-outs, Nick thanked all of the great Facebook conversation around the show from past guests and fans like Jason Falls, Jay Baer, Don Stanley, and Jason Keath, while DJ gave a shout to Cover Story's own Sadie Cornelius. A fan of the show herself, Sadie first connected DJ and Nick with Alex and Michelle.

As we closed, the Schenkers shared the helpful communities their team has creating including We Rock Your Web, Canine Journal, and Safe Smart Living.

Until next week — we'll see you on the Internet!

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Thanks @djwaldow  and Nick for inviting us to participate in an interesting discussion on how we work today. As society and technology continues to change how we work, we are learning to evolve and grow. Thanks for creating this platform that allows us to learn how others are working so that we can all become more productive AND inspired! Keep up the great work and again, thanks for having us on the show.


Thanks DJ for hosting Michelle and Alex - there were so many great questions and even better answers. :)  This was such a fun connection and appreciate the shout out too!